Tell Me Why Braxton Berrios Should Be A Pro Bowler, the lion king t shirt new yorker
the lion king t shirt new yorker, Tom Ford and 52HZ have teamed up to take on the world’s ever increasing waste management issue, with the Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize. Together, they’re calling upon inventors and entrepreneurs to rethink how thin-film plastic is created. Responsible for 46% of all ocean plastic leakage, thin-film plastic in the ocean is expected to reach 29 million metric tons by the year 2040. Knowing that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting on earth, Ford & 52HZ hope to accelerate meaningful innovation around a replacement for this polluting material. But they’re not doing it alone. Joining the force is a powerful group of investors, major brands, and other partners who will offer their support to help Prize finalists reach scale & market adoptions by 2025 (a crucial marker year). Mentors will include Stella McCartney, Don Cheadle, Susan Rockefeller - to name just a few. Submissions are open now through October 24, 2021.

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